How to Find an Emergency Veterinarian in Aurora CO

How to Find an Emergency Veterinarian in Aurora CO

If your pet is suffering from a serious medical condition, you need to take them to an emergency vet. These clinics are specially equipped with expensive machinery to treat pets with critical health issues. They also charge a lot more than regular vets.

You can search for a ’24 hour emergency vet near me’ on your smartphone to find one. The best choice is a hospital that is AAHA accredited and nearest to your location.

24 Hour Emergency Care

When a pet is suffering from an emergency, you need to act quickly. This means calling an emergency vet right away and bringing your pet in for medical assistance. There are a number of signs and symptoms that can indicate that your pet is in pain or needs immediate attention.

Your vet will then conduct a full examination of your pet. They will take bloodwork, fecal and urine samples to see if your pet is in good health. They may also perform X-rays to check for broken bones or cracked ribs. In addition to these tests, they will evaluate your pet’s gum color, mental state, skin, abdomen and breathing.

An emergency vet visit can be very expensive, especially if your pet requires hospitalization for several days and nights. It is important to prepare for this cost by getting pet insurance early on. Moreover, you should have enough money to cover any unexpected costs that may arise.

AAHA Accreditation

The AAHA is the only group that accredits veterinary practices in the U.S. and Canada. They evaluate veterinary hospitals on approximately 900 quality standards that go beyond basic state requirements in areas such as patient care, pain management, staff training, and medical record keeping. They also conduct regular evaluations of hospitals to ensure they continue to meet these high standards. The AAHA also publishes several books on veterinary practice management and the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association.

Dr. Ashley Harmon graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2011. She was an emergency veterinarian in Aurora CO for several years before moving to Fruita, Colorado. She loves helping pet owners make informed decisions for their pets. She enjoys providing compassionate care in a clinic that would be happy to have your pets as part of their family.

Dr. Michael Etchart is originally from Fruita and completed his professional education at Colorado State University. He has a passion for orthopedics and dentistry and has pursued continuing education in these areas.

Consultation Charges

The consultation charges of emergency vets are on the higher side as they have to keep themselves ready round-the-clock and make use of expensive medical machinery. Therefore, it is important to compare the prices and services offered by various vet clinics to find a good one. You should also look for online reviews or community recommendations to help you choose a top-rated veterinarian.

Many pet owners are worried about the cost of veterinary care, but it is essential to remember that even low-cost vets can provide great quality service at an affordable price. These low-cost vets are often affiliated with a larger 24-hour hospital and can refer your pet to a specialist if necessary.

You should make sure that the veterinarian you select provides vaccinations for your pets, which are necessary to ensure a healthy life. Vaccinations protect your pet from deadly diseases and prevent the spread of infectious disease among other pets.


Whenever you face a pet emergency, the best thing is to call your regular vet and ask for advice. They’ll know the best clinics nearby and can help you get to them as quickly as possible. In addition, they may offer payment options that can help you pay for your visit.

Emergency vets are dedicated to treating pets with life-threatening illnesses and injuries. This means they have to stay open round the clock and make use of expensive medical machinery. That’s why their consultation charges are on the higher side.

Besides the consultation fees, an emergency vet may also charge you for x-rays, bloodwork, urine and fecal samples. These expenses can be very costly and can add up to a large bill. If you’re worried about the cost of your vet care, consider getting pet insurance. This will protect you against unexpected pet emergencies and will save you from paying a lot of money.