Veterinarians in Seattle City Area

Veterinarians in Seattle City Area

Finding the best Veterinarians in Seattle WA is essential for your pet’s health. However, not all veterinarians offer the same services. This makes narrowing down your options based on the clinic’s operating hours and whether they support emergency services important.

Great Vet provides pet parents with quality, precise data to help them find the best veterinarians near them. Their verified profiles make it easy to examine veterinary reviews, ratings and scores.

South Seattle Veterinary Hospital

The South Seattle Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital. It offers dentistry, soft surgery, EKGs and spaying/neutering. It also provides vaccinations and a wide range of diagnostic tests. It has a well-trained staff of veterinarians, veterinarian technicians and pet care specialists who are dedicated to providing the best quality veterinary medical care.

The receptionists are very rude here. They try to force you to sign for treatments you don’t want and even lie about the costs and benefits of those treatments. I would only go here for true emergencies and only after doing some heavy research beforehand.

Save on veterinary costs at South Seattle Veterinary Hospital by getting pet insurance. Pet insurance can reimburse you up to 90% on unexpected vet expenses like accidents & illnesses. Use Pawlicy Advisor’s free comparison tool to find the best pet insurance provider for your needs.

Bird & Exotic Clinic of Seattle

Our bird and exotic animal hospital specializes in the care of birds, reptiles, fish and small mammals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. In addition to routine veterinary care, we also offer surgical and other diagnostic procedures for our patients. We also work closely with local bird and exotic pet rescue groups.

We have a state of the art Vetronic Cardiostore for avian heart monitoring. This device allows us to diagnose avian cardiac problems before they become serious. We are one of only two veterinary hospitals in the world that own this device.

Brittney is a licensed veterinary technician who joined the clinic in March of 2022. She enjoys avian medicine and shares her home with two dogs and a feisty parrot. She is excited to be part of a team that offers specialized care for non-traditional pets.

Good Neighbor Vet

When it comes to caring for your pet, you want to make sure you can get the medical care you need at a convenient location. Using Great Vet makes it easy to find clinics that offer both the basic and advanced services you need.

They offer affordable preventative pet health exams, microchipping and parasite prevention at their mobile vet clinic locations across Washington, Oregon and Idaho. They also offer discounted vaccinations and a “puppy package” designed with young dogs in mind.

They have a sliding fee scale for low-income households and are partnered with Seattle Humane. You can also apply for financial aid through their Budkis Fund. They know your pup is a hero, and they’ll help you take care of them like one.

Elliott Bay Animal Hospital

Elliott Bay Animal Hospital is a veterinary clinic that offers a variety of services to keep your pet healthy. Its staff is trained to provide a high level of customer service and veterinary care. They are able to handle everything from routine medical examinations to advanced surgeries. The hospital is located in Seattle, Washington. It operates from Monday to Saturday and is AAHA accredited.

Its patients include dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, and ferrets. They also offer dental and spay/neuter surgery. Additionally, they perform X-rays and ultrasound exams. They can also administer vaccinations and microchip pets.

Choosing the right veterinarian for your pet is essential. Make sure you choose a vet with a Great Vet profile, which displays reviews from multiple sources and makes it easy to compare clinics.

Seatown Veterinary Care

This veterinary clinic offers a full range of veterinary services and is open for walk-in appointments. Its website features a 24-hour chat support to help pet parents with any queries they might have. It also offers a wide range of pet insurance solutions to cover unforeseen medical costs.

The clinic specializes in pain management for pets, utilizing multimodal approaches to treat arthritis. It also provides cat and dog boarding. It has an extensive team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, client care specialists, practice managers, and inventory leads.

It is part of a group of vet hospitals called Veterinary Roots and is owned by Dr. Debra Nicholson. Its sister hospitals include Elliott Bay Animal Hospital and Bothell Pet Hospital. It is a great choice for pet owners who need an affordable Seattle veterinarian.